Corporate Law

There are many ways to structure your business and there are various factors that affect your decision of how to structure your business.  James Weary can meet with you to determine the most effective business approach for you.

Incorporation – Book an appointment today to incorporate your company or learn more about the advantages of incorporating a company (i.e. limited liability, potential tax savings etc.) and disadvantages (i.e. time and expense of additional corporate tax returns, governance obligations, etc.).

Limited Partnership – Book an appointment today to discuss limited partnerships.  We will assist you to understand responsibilities, rights and obligations for this type of business approach.

Business Restructuring & Succession Planning – We can assist you if you are looking to retire, transition the business to your children, or are bringing on new shareholders or partners.  Book an appointment today to obtain the proper advice.

Buying or Selling a Business – We can take you through the steps including the offer to Purchase, completing due diligence, preparing documents to complete the deal, raising purchase money, and closing the deal.

Commercial Loans – Book an appointment today with us to assist you with the requirements of your lender and the impact the loan may have on your business.

Contracts and Agreements – We can assist you with lease, loan or financial agreements, supply or service contract, Shareholder or Partnership agreements, or employment agreements.  Book an appointment today to obtain the proper advice.

Business Closures – We can assist to define and execute your exit strategy.  Book an appointment today to obtain the proper advice.